Having completed a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Contemporary Art Research and have now started on a Fine Art Practice based PhD. The MA was an enjoyable experience but it served to emphasis my academic inadequacies, I am not sure how I shall fare with this endeavour.

As of January 2013, I have been accepted as a PhD candidate at LICA, Lancaster University: to undertake an Art Practice based PhD. I have until January 2017 to complete this task.

I shall be studying the decay of memory through the medium of the snapshot photograph as prosthetic memory: Box Brownie to iPhone. Topics of interest include memory, decay, cyborgology, neuroscience, generative art, dementia and the digital PhD. This will be part thesis (60K words) and part exhibition, based on studio practice.

UPDATE: January 2017

I submitted my completed Thesis at the end of December 2016. I am currently waiting to present the practice element of my research as an exhibition and to endure my Viva in March 2017.

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